2009 Bear Fest

Bear Fest 2009 logoThe 2009 Easthampton Bear Fest was an amazing success! Not only did it raise over $60,000 for local arts programs, artists, and organizations, this festive event filled our city’s streets with visitors who supported the city’s businesses. 30 creatively transformed fiberglass bears by locally and nationally known artists were exhibited throughout the Easthampton downtown area. The continuous interest and coverage of the event made Easthampton recognizable as a leading arts community in Massachusetts. Easthampton City Arts, the city arts organization that spearheaded Bear Fest, was honored to accept an MCC Gold Star Award—a program that annually recognizes model community arts, humanities and science projects funded by the 329 Local Cultural Councils (LCCs) across the state.

The 2009 Bear Fest opened on Saturday, June 13, 2009, with a city-wide celebration, where the Mayor made an official announcement of the beginning of the Bear Fest, and the “Bear Track Map & Guide” was released. Over 550 people sampled the new ice cream flavor from Mt. Tom’s Homemade Ice Cream and thousands streamed around the streets of Easthampton throughout the weekend to enjoy the exhibit!

Following the summer-long even , a Gala and Auction of the Bears made for a festive and successful evening. The money raised in sales of the bears went to the bear artists, arts programs such as Riverside Industries Art Program, and organizations.

Enjoy the memories of the 2009 Bear Fest through images and more information below.

The Bears

The Bears Have New Homes!

Easthampton City Arts cannot be more pleased with the success of the Gala Dinner and Auction of the Bears held on Thursday, October 15! The excitement and drama of the live auction was beyond anything we could have predicted. If you were there, we thank you for your participation, if not, thank you for all of your support over the summer. Here is a list of the winning bids!…
Transoceanic Bear $ 850
Something’s Fishy $2000
Master Essential $ 600
Gingerbear Man $ 900
Aloha Bear $1200
Williston Button Bear $ 700
Have You Seen Me? $ 900
Garden Party Bear $1050
Bear, Bath & Beyond $600
Garden Bear $4000
Mother at the Parade $ 700
Child at the Parade $ 500
Berry Bear $1075
Clementine the Circus Bear $1300
Peace Bear $1250
Bumble Bear $1100
Bear with a Buttoned Down Education $2250
Bear Hugs $2050
The Bearon $2500
Paddy O’Bearon $1050
Ted E. Bear $1100
Madame Bearterfly $ 950
Papa Bear $2100
Baby Bear $1150
Wire Haired Bear $2050
Mountain Park Bear $2000
Ursa Great Spirit $1350
Metamorphosis $1300
Ursa Major $1800
This Bear is Worth 1000 Words $1200
Chrome Bear II $1300
Hiding Bear $5050
Aurora ‘Bear’ealis $2050
Three Bears $4000

Table Top Bears

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade

See a video about the Bear Fest, made by Fuzzy Clock Productions! Thank you!

Artists Get Their Bears

The Bears Arrive in Easthampton!

Welcome the Bears Kids Party

Bear Fest Trivia Night & Table Top Sculpture

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