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Posted September 6th, 2012

Lynn HrabaBearly Giggling will have you belly laughing in no time!  Covered head to paw in silly bear jokes, this bear is sure to brighten even the gloomiest of days.  Colors and silliness were artist Lynn Hraba’s inspiration for her bear and boy do they show.  Hurry to see Bearly Giggling in front of Our Lady of the Valley Child Care Center at 35 Pleasant Street before she heads off to the 2012 Easthampton Bear Fest Auction and Dinner.

Learn more about Lynn Hraba’s process and inspiration in the Q & A below:


Lynn M.  Hraba

What town/city do you live in?

West Springfield

Where is your studio? What is your usual artistic focus/genre, when you aren’t working on a bear?

My home is my “studio.”   I work with pen and ink / fine line markers when not involved with a fiberglass bear!

What was the process you used on the bear?

I used acrylic paints for the bear.   It was important for the bear to be “young people (in age and heart) friendly,” so there are a few bear jokes painted on the body.

What materials did you use and why did you choose them?

…only paint…

What is the theme for your bear and what was the inspiration?

The theme is beautiful colors and silliness!

What have you loved about the project?

I loved watching this cold fiberglass shape turn into a character with personality!

In what ways do you hope your bear will move the folks who view it?

…with giggles and maybe a few groans…bear jokes tend to be a little goofy.

What else would you like to say about your project or the Bear Fest as a whole?

I am so happy to be a small part of this project…I have enjoyed getting to know the Easthampton community.

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