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The Easthampton Bear Fest is a public art project in which life-size fiberglass bears are creatively transformed by locally and nationally known artists and will be highly visible throughout the downtown area of Easthampton. The 2009 Easthampton Bear Fest was a tremendous success and the 2012 festival promises to be even better. Displayed throughout the major streets of the city, the bears will bring thousands of visitors to the streets of Easthampton during the summer of 2012.

This event is organized by a committee of dedicated volunteers spearheaded by Easthampton City Arts+. Many thanks go to all of our many volunteers (listed below) who are working to make the 2012 Bear Fest a success. If you would like to volunteer please contact ECA+ at info@easthamptoncityarts.com or (413) 527-8278.

ECA+Coordinating Committee
Kristin Angel – co-facilitator
Patricia Coon
Amy B. Davis
Kat Good-Schiff
Carla Phillips Katz
Boni Johnson
Boris Kolba
Linda LaBorde
Doris Madsen
Burns Maxey – coordinator
Marcia Morrison
Alison Murchie
Denise Riggs – co-facilitator
Marlies Stoddard
Carol Abbe Smith
Nancy Young

2012 Bear Fest Committee

Denise Herzog – team leader
Burns Maxey

Carol Abbe Smith – team leader
Nancy Young
Pat Coon
Carol Costin
Burns Maxey
Jim Sullivan
Patti Steinman

Walter Clune – co-team leader
Burns Maxey – co-team leader
Beverly Wodicka
Patrick Brough
Burns Maxey
Janice Beetle Godleski
Sarah Platanitis

Pat Coon – team leader
Amy Davis
Gary LaCroix
Kathy LaCroix
Mary Beth Manning
Burns Maxey

Stuart Beckley & Sue Pouliot – team co-leaders
Amy Davis
Eilleen Claveloux
Amy Gauger
Jane Lohmann
Dan  Perreault
Michelle Perreault

Marlies Stoddard – team leader
Burns Maxey
Nancy Young
Walter Clune
Jim Ingram
Beverly Wodicka
Sarah Platanitis

Denise Riggs – team leader
Kristin Angel
Kira Henninger
Burns Maxey
Marge Prendergast

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